Warm Seasons Pack

7.5in x 10.5 in
Hand-printed Silkscreen

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A collection of 3 silkscreen prints in a series of snakes and birds- discounted as a bundle

In Counsel
High up near the lunar crown, giant owls watch a petty snake.
It has come to question them: what kindness do the owls see with their knowing gaze? what might they bring from the stars to land?

April Showers
What news! The buds of flowers reach up to greet fresh rain. A new dew will come to the morning. The snake gobbles up a promising meal. Soon enough, new seeds will be planted in hope.

Summer Wind
The great Snake draws near a fledgling while the chalice is full. What can be made from fire and pomegranite but wine! Wine to fill the chalice, and to sate the great Snake.

* all hand made screenprints using color seperation

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